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It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our website.

Ever Since C. A PAPER Co., Ltd. established in 1990s, has grown

and developed through ceaseless efforts. 


Our goal is always "100% Customer's Satisfaction",


Our slogan  is "I am your Best Man",

We always think toward our partners.

We want to be the best company of partners.


                                                                                                   C.E.O Chang Sung Yoo




The C.A PAPER Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, we are the No.1 Korean Copy Paper & Printing Paper supply corporation. 


It has been operated business about 25 years; we are an exclusive distributor of HANSOL PAPER (KOREAN) & DOUBLE A (THAILAND) in copy paper. HANSOL PAPER and C.A PAPER have been related good partnership for over 20 years. 


We produce 27,000 tons of paper per year in domestic Korean Market, the amount of Korean market produced 276,000 tons of paper per year which C.A PAPER is occupying about 10% of Korean Paper Market sales.


As long we have experienced in the paper market that launched HANSOL Dye sublimation heat transfer paper.


We always welcome you to trying our dye sublimation heat transfer paper with your sublimation inks and printing systems.

Please contact C.A PAPER Co., Ltd. 

We are glad you to send our sample rolls for you.


Do NOT hesitate to contact us! 


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